Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Belle

For almost a year Belle has been with us. She is a sweet dog in need of a good home. We had many wonderful applications for her but we do want to make sure that she goes to a home where she can stay and therefore we have been very strict in finding the right home. She is fine where she is with us. She is a happy dog that gets a lot of exercise and loving. We have been working intensely with her. She obeys the basic commands like sit, stay, down, etc. She is simply a wonderful dog.

Why hasn't she found the right home? Well, there is the family with the little kids. Although she does well with kids now she is still a rough player. Kids could get hurt and we believe she would do better with older kids. Then there is the family with cats. Loved them too but with her high prey drive and as first time dog owners we thought that it would not be a good match. Her restrictions narrow down the list of potential adopters but we do not want her to go to a home where they find out that she is not a match just to be returned. We have had that happen with some of our other foster dogs and believe us, they do not do well with the constant change of homes.

Belle looks beautiful but you are adopting more than just her looks. There is a lot of Lady to deal with.

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