Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another 5 star review - Thank you!

This is what Jamie's mom had to say. Credit goes to Tammy, Rottie expert and prior owner, who has been enjoying Jamie's participatio in our hiking pack.

"I have a puppy Rottweiler and she is very active. I had been taking her to a dog day care a couple of times a week and thought she was happy but when I found the k-9 hiking group, I thought it would a good adventure for her... I signed up mid January and have to say on the days of the hikes, when I return from work my puppy is very happy and mellow.

I have stopped taking her to the day care because I feel like this service is awesome for her and she seems much more settled.

Thank you Beyond Companions!!! ~ Jamie's mom"

Thank you! We've had a blast with Jamie. Goofball extraordinaire and fun to have in our pack!