Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Which food is right for my dog?

 A question we get asked a lot by our clients. Well, which dog food is right for my dog? Most dog food reviews are sponsored by the very same corporations that produce the food. It may not be surprising that their food always comes out as the best.

We only have a few dog food producers. Did you know that Mars owns brands like Pedigree, Nutro, Cesar and  Royal Canin? Why the different brands? It is all about Marketing! Pedigree is an average priced dog food. At about $22 for 40 lbs accessible to the average consumer. Consumers that have a bit more to spend go to Nutro or Royal Canin. Cesar targets the small breed market. Spread out they get a lot of shelf space at the local pet store and that is exactly what they want.

Small and independent dog food producers get bought by the bigger corporations and with that the ingredients often change. There is no good or bad answer concerning dog food. It is what you want and what your dog likes to eat. I combine dry and wet food. My dogs get glucosamine and fish oil as an extra every single day. Tammy swears by the raw chicken and turkey diet. Her dogs are high performance agility dogs and they work well with their diet.

We have a website that gives a good overview of dog food that is currently available: Check it out and see for yourself what the experts thought of your dog food. Ready to switch? Think twice and check the price! $60 per 40 lbs is twice as much and sometimes you may not get more.