Sunday, October 13, 2013

A bad case of Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V

After following a disheartening copyright infringement case of fellow photographer Illona Haus of Scruffy Dog Photography:, I decided to check mine. I have been so busy that the Google Alerts went directly into my trash folder. I went to copyscape and found three businesses had bluntly copied my website text.

One business has not responded, one said "Someone help me write that for my website. Can you please include your original publication, so I can see what you are talking about? If it is as you say, I will look into it and see what the problem is. Not sure if you can actually copyright a sentience, but I will look into this and if that is the case, I will modify."

One sentence? I probably wouldn't worry so much if one sentence is the same but the whole homepage? It said that 173 words were exactly copied.

The other business copied everything. The whole webpage is a copy and paste of someone else's work. He didn't even bother to change the font or color of the text.

This is my business. My services. My philosophy. I have been at the other end. I understand what feeling you can get when someone says to you: "You stole my stuff." However in my case I didn't blame it on someone else. I did have my website written by an 18 year old college girl who earned $500 the fast way. Copy and Paste and some adjustments. I was so upset because I had to deal with her and the vindictive anger outbursts of the company who had their text stolen. I took the blame and I should. I should have known better. You get what you pay for and I paid for it dearly.

Everyone who has stolen from me has been approached in a normal fashion. Every business ended up leashing out at me, blaming me or accusing me of whatever they could think of. How does that work? You are the violator and I'm the bad guy?

Ms. Beverly Ulbrich, the Lesbian Whisperer, who conveniently took my Dog Connect name. I can post facts and if you don't comply you will be exposed. I think that is where I am right now.

Happy Hiking! - At the other end of a positive leash!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Dog Hikers new Dog Mobile

In April 2007 we started our dog hiking business. We used one of our existing vehicles and transferred it into a dog mobile. With a little adjustment we were able to make the Tacoma into a dog friendly transportation vehicle. For 5 years it was a great means of transporting for our client dogs. During the last year we went on the hunt for a new vehicle. One that was safer, required no jumping in and out that could cause unnecessary injuries, a vehicle that provided the possibilities to cool off the dogs in the summer and provide heat in the winter. We also wanted to step away from the camper shell. Extra insurance for the soft top was expensive.
We wanted a vehicle that allowed us to transport all dogs safely either in a crate or attached to a seat belt.

Our Tacoma truck 

Our search was narrowed down to the Ford Transit Connect and the Toyota Sienna. Similar in price and both offered a unique safety aspect but we decided the Toyota Sienna it would be. The accessories were above and beyond what the Ford could provide. Air vents all over the van for great temperature control, easy step in and out, seat belts with harness connection for the second row and the third row we put two crates (thanks to Kate, Boe's mom, for donating a brand new crate!!!!). We added a little over $1000 in extras to make it even dog friendlier and we have the safest and most luxurious dog mobile in the South Bay. Thanks to Cathy from The Urban Pooch, who highly recommended the van. She too transports dogs in the same vehicle. Life is good! Life is safe for our pooches!!!

The new Dog Hiker mobile

 Safety through seat belts and crates in the back

 Temperature regulation for the back

 Interior mirror to watch the dogs while driving

Rear view camera for extra safety