Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy 2012!

I cannot believe it has been July 2011 since I last blogged. Oops ....

2011 was a good and busy year. We implemented positive changes to our business structure and it was a success. Not only did we increase the attendance rate to 95% but we also simplified our billing system and ensured that spots would be filled at all times. We merged two hiking services to one and now have a regular 6 dog attendance with a possible addition of 2 more dogs per hike if needed. We also decreased our service area to ensure we stay within a 15 mile radius. As every business owner we were wary of implementing the changes especially towards existing clients but the changes were accepted without a problem. We love our clients for that!!!!

We are looking forward to 2012. 366 days of dog fun ahead of us! Miles of trails to cover and new ones to explore. Our philosophy: "We love what we do and do what we love" couldn't be more fitting. We are engaging in new business ventures but we won't spoil the secret until it is official. Just stay tuned.

Be pawsitive! Be happy! Wishing you a great 2012!

Happy Hiking! Your Dog Hikers Team


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